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Hey there,

Neil Napier here presenting you something VERY different from what you have seen before - EVER!

See most products you come across are intended to get you more fans, or help you make better videos or just help you get more leads.

But NOTHING in this market - is TRULY made to
help you make money!

Today we want to change that!

I’m writing this from Bali - where I am coming to the end of my 9-month long “work-cation”. I have been able to take this extensive time off because I have processes in place to help me generate money - even when I am not working!

But not every process I do can be duplicated by everyone.

For example - we create software solutions for small and medium businesses. Not everyone can do it - not unless they have high technical experience.


What Can People With NO Technical Background,
NO Marketing Background And NO Previous Success Do?

They can follow systems that have been CREATED and PERFECTED by expert marketers.

Victory is a local mobile marketing consultant with over 6-years of hands-on mobile experience. He has developed a simple-yet-foolproof method and a technology to complement it well.

He has been supervising companies on engaging more customers and clients, retaining them, learning more about them and selling to them using his ultra-unique mobile marketing strategies

He has shared stage with internet legends like Willie Crawford and Daven Micheals.

In 2015 during the Nigerian presidential election, the national government contracted his team to build an engaging platform to increase their voting percentage!

Even Lenovo hired him to promote their business via Bulk SMS in Nigeria!

Victory is heavily sought after in the world of SMS marketing, and there’s a good reason for that:

He is the MASTER of customer engagement strategies!

He found a BETTER way than email marketing, FB marketing or ANY other marketing - to convert his followers into customers.

Now don’t get me wrong - email, FB, video and every other kind of marketing still works well.

But like many things - they are falling behind the times.

Check Out What Others Have to Say About MobileX...

That’s where SMS marketing comes in…

SMS Marketing Is Past, Present And Future...

See - mobile is, and will continue to be, the communication
platform of choice for people across the globe!!

Every month, about Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day

Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity.

Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.

Text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate

90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes.

A whopping 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS.

SMS text chat converts a $6-$20 call to a chat that costs pennies per session

75% of phones worldwide(4.5 billion) are text-enabled

And most importantly...text messages can reach where sometimes even the almighty Internet can’t (no matter WHAT country or continent you’re talking about) - thus expanding your outreach!


I know that feeling all too well. When Victory showed me
these brain blowing stats, I felt like I had discovered Uranium!

We Couldn’t Imagine That
This Could Be So Perfect...

Since consumers are very attached to their smartphones, mobile marketing is perceived as “friendlier” or more “familiar” to end users. Unlike other devices, mobile devices are mostly owned by one individual who carries their devices at all times. As a result, customers can check your marketing messages and campaigns in real time.

Think about it!

You wake up… and check your phone!

You’re in a meeting…you check your phone

You’re in a movie… you check your phone

While driving, you are checking your phone (don’t deny it)

And at night, you’re at it till you doze off!

Face it, you’re never without your phone! You may ignore stashes of emails piled up in your inbox, you will always open your text messages!

Here’s The Best Part...

….’NUFF SAID!! Let’s fast forward to the good stuff… we’re on a mission to make money, and we don’t have all day!!!


All-In-One Bulk SMS Platform With
Limited Time SMS Reselling Enabled!

No Technical Training - No 80 Hour Work Weeks

Just a simple 3-step process to get the life
that’ll make your friends turn
green with envy!!

See How Mobile X Works

How To Effectively Acquire Leads?

Here’s Why You Need To
Add Mobile X To Your Arsenal…

Every month, about Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day

Individuals will sign up at your portal to buy and send SMS to their family, friends and other contacts. These are your "Personal Users".

Organizations, companies and churches will sign up to buy and send SMS to their members, clients for invitation, meetings, reminder etc. These are your "Group users"

Resellers (Entrepreneurs who also want to own their own BULK SMS/Autoresponder Website) will pay you huge money (you can charge as high as $997--$5,000 or even higher)

Connect SMS with Email campaign and don't ever miss the expected action from your leads anymore. This enables your clients to create an instant automated SMS campaign along with your running Email Campaign.

SMS Autoresponder allows you to track the open rate of text message and integrate SMS into your marketing mix. You can set SMS Auto Responder with up to 10 automated scheduled SMS Delivery Set in Minutes, Hours, and Days, for your required Campaign Design Flow. You can generate optin code for your SMS autoresponder campaign or import verified mobile list into the campaign.

API Routing connects several SMS APIs and use them simultaneously. Assign users to Specific Choice API for effective delivery.

Auto Crediting allows instant online payment with credit card for account auto crediting…never run out from SMS credits.

Users Credit Other Users offers users the leverage on the portal to have their clients register as users which will pay them directly and they can credit the users via Credit Transfer Function.

SMS Personalization gives that personal feel with all SMS sent out. Don’t miss the sales conversion again! Touch a cord by mentioning recipient name in your bulk SMS campaign.

Email Newsletter System to always keep your users up to date with new prices, products and discounts to step up your sales frequency. Blast Rich Content Email Newsletter to all users on your SMS portal.

Message All Users by automatically sending tailored SMS to all users of your portal for specific price discounts, new products and create a rush for your service as you relate to your users more closely.

And That’s Not All…

Smart Bulk SMS Aggregator System allows your customers to connect with a gateway and resell the sums credit at a higher rate to end users for profit.

2-Way Premium SMS Short code Connectivity allows your prospects to text their name and email address with a keyword to a short code that automatically adds their details to your choice of email campaign list of either Mailchimp, Aweber or GetResponse.

Powered with these features, Mobile X can help you

Here’s What Satisfied Mobile X
Customers Have To Say About It…

Just discovered that what I have been looking for in 'Sokoto' is in my 'Shokoto'. GOD Thank YOU.......‪ #‎NaGODwin‬ Very impressed with the selfless support service from MobileX, the Personalized Feature on the App has long been my sort after, my Selling Point. Thumbs MobileX App

Glory Omoye
Glory Omoye

I must confess that your brand has the most flexible partnership offers that has allowed me to quickly lunch upon and setup several portals for my clients and make huge profit margin

Abiodun Babatunde
Abiodun Babatunde

MobileX is revolutionary. Not only has it got every feature you could want to make your sms marketing campaigns easier and successful, but the support ticket system, smart sms options and the autoresponder integration make it the most valuable and useful sms platform to come to the market in years! More importantly, the software is designed in such a way that, anyone without techinal knowledge can get things setup and running in only 3 simple steps. MobileX is without question my new tool of choice when it comes to sms marketing.

Amilie Larson
Amilie Larson

I was clueless with the business concept to venture into that will give me the relaxation i always wanted with job, not until MobileX Team delivered this out-of-the-box solution for me, as seen at

Onajite Michael
Onajite Michael

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We know there are other options in the market, and we feel that as an informed customer, you should really weigh your options well… Here’s a comparison to Call-Loop - perhaps our biggest competition!

MobileX: Bulk SMS Delivery Platform
Get Mobile X Now! - 80% Launch Discount

The difference is here for you to see…

You cannot afford to dump a deal like this! This is that ONE opportunity you have to SLAM all those “friends” and family members who always doubted your capabilities…

And you’re not alone…we’re going to walk you through this, step by step, so you have nothing to be afraid of!!

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there… I know how it is! I started out pretty well in the niche on Online Marketing, but like every other business there is a risk of failure involved here too. And I knew…if I failed, I’d suddenly become the butt of all jokes!

Once people notice that business is slumping, the roasting will begin! There will be much talk of plans ‘going up in smoke’ and ‘underdogs’ who tried to hit it big. But I decided that I had to believe in myself and jumped right in…

And in hindsight…THANK GOD I did.

So now when I met Victory, I was really impressed by the staggering numbers I saw on the screen as a proof of his success with his government’s election campaigns.

He also worked on a system of bulk SMSs for his local church to alert its members of the important upcoming events and masses. I was sold on the idea when I heard a member’s feedback,

“I try to be a good Christian, I really do. From Sunday masses to attending the important ceremonies and helping out I try to keep track, but I get to so busy with work, that it slips my mind sometimes. Then I started getting these text alerts from my local church and that was awesome!! It’s like God is reaching out to me, poking me in the middle of my day and asking me to come spend some time with him. Thanks to these clever alerts, I never miss the important masses anymore”

So Much In So Little.

A politician Victory worked with had something similar to say.

“It really works to send these personalized texts in a bunch, ‘coz then in a way you’re connecting with your citizens at a more personal level than a generic TV or radio announcement. I love it, it brought me fabulous results and I was voted back to power with thumping majority”

What can I say? The results speak for themselves…This is just a drop in the ocean. With MOBILE X, you can make a lot of money offering Mobile marketing services to businesses and corporate individuals who need to reach out to a large number of people!

The Church Victory catered to had 10,000 members. They send an SMS 5 times a week. It means in a year (i.e.52 weeks) he sold 1.5Million SMS units them made a profit of just 5cents per SMS unit sold, and earned approximately $30,000+ in one year from this one organization!! And he can do this EVERY YEAR.

And that’s just an estimate!

Mobile X would prove to be a game changer for Marketers doing webinars. Picture this…

Now you can send SMSs to your list to remind them to attend the webinar. No more Reminder Emails required anymore…(they went unopened most of the times anyway!)

What makes Mobile X even more exciting is that it can be applied to almost any business model...Like say…

All of these are big spenders on bulk SMS.

MOBILE X is a true innovation in customer engagement. It’s one of the freshest, most relevant applications I’ve seen for understanding what an audience wants. And when those results start to come in, be prepared to be addicted! It’s one tool that you can use every day to drive sales.

And the best part is, like I said, that you can operate it from anywhere in the whole wide world! You could literally be on a Safari in the African jungles and be reaching out to people on a hike somewhere in the Himalayas!! NO PLACE is out of reach!! We cover EVERY COUNTRY, EVERY CONTINENT!

And you get to have it in less than the price of a 5 pound rib eye steak!!

We’re 100% Confident That You Will Love Mobile X and it will be without doubt the best customer engagement software you will ever have and it will work as we’ve shown you but if for any reason, it doesn’t work for you or you will find it hard to use and grow your business then… I’m Offering A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with MOBILE X!

Start Using MOBILE X for Your Business Right Now. LIFETIME License - Tiny ONE TIME Fee - UNLIMITED Access!!!

At market rates, the combined value of each of Mobile X’s features exceeds $1499… added to that you get bonuses worth $628. That drives the price to above $2000.

But if you buy today, you can get your hands on it at a massive 97% discount.

This is Marketing Like You’ve Never Seen Before!!

Conquer Mobile Marketing

With this All-In-One Bulk SMS Platform

To your success,

Neil Napier

Danny Ade

Victory Akpos

Get Mobile X Now! - 80% Launch Discount

Common Questions Our Customers Ask

  • q-iconCan I resell this software to my clients?

    No. This offer is not for selling the software. But yes, you can connect with a gateway and resell the sums credit at a higher rate to end users for profit.

  • q-iconDoes it allow me to send just simple SMS Text Messages?

    No, with Smart SMS options you can now send sensitive content as Flash SMS and Deliver your blog or website URL as WAP SMS to Smart Mobile Users.

  • q-iconIs there a money back guarantee?

    Yes. Although we know the only mail I will be getting from you, would be a “Thank You” Mail, for which I am grateful in advance. But in a ‘rare event’ of you wanting a refund within 30-days of your purchase, we will be happy to oblige and refund your investment without asking you even a single question!

  • q-iconDoes this function only for the United States?

    Not at all!! Mobile X IS TRUE to it’s is completely MOBILE and works all around the world, from any country and in any continent! Connectivity at its best!

  • q-iconWhere are my bonuses?

    You will find the bonuses within the dashboard > under “Goodies” > “Bonuses”

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